Water Baptism is an outward expression of an inward belief in Jesus as our Savior. It is also our chance to declare Jesus as Lord and Savior in front of family and friends – becoming one of the most significant spiritual milestones in a Christian’s spiritual walk.

Parent/Spiritual Mentor must accompany their child to a Baptism class. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to help guide your child through this process of learning and discovery as our Children’s Pastor facilitates the class.




What age do you allow children to be baptized?

We generally recommend age 8 or older however we don’t require any particular age.  Each child must have asked Jesus to be their savior, have requested to be baptized and be able to articulate their faith.  The Children’s Pastor will ask you, as their parent, to determine your own child’s readiness.

What kinds of questions should I ask my child to determine if he/she is ready for baptism?

We recommend that you wait until your child initiates the conversation about baptism.  His/her desire to be baptized should always precede baptism.

  1. Have you asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior? (Children don’t always remember an exact time and date but he/she should be able to describe a time when they chose to follow Jesus and commit their life to Him.  Explore this decision with your child.  We don’t expect that a child understands everything about salvation but he/she should have a basic understanding of what Christ has done for him/her on the cross).
  2. Why do you want to be baptized? (Baptism is a command that Jesus gave us before he left the earth.  It represents a public declaration of faith to everyone in your sphere of influence.  It also means that you must be ready to stand up for who Jesus is and what He did for you.  For some it could mean that friends reject you, others laugh at you, or perhaps even the loss of friends or status – is your child prepared for that?  Is he/she ready to make that kind of declaration of faith?)
  3. Are you ready to speak about your faith publicly?  (Being able to tell others about your faith is an important component of being a believer.  Every child will have the opportunity to public declare their faith to the witnesses that are at the service that day.  Is he/she ready to make a public statement of faith?  Can he/she articulate what they believe about Jesus and what He has done for him/her?)
Why is the class required for my child to be baptized?

One of our callings, here at The Bridge, is to insure that parents have an opportunity to disciple and guide their children in their spiritual walk.  We hold a class to insure that all the children are prepared for baptism but also to give parents a chance, through the guidance of Pastor Gabe, to walk their children through scripture and discuss salvation, baptism, sharing a testimony and being a witness.

My Child was baptized as an infant, should they be baptized again?

When we read the Bible, we see baptism occurring after salvation as a way to make a person’s faith public.  (Acts 8:26-38) If your child was baptized as an infant but he/she has made their own commitment to Jesus as their savior, and they are desiring to be baptized then it is appropriate for them to be baptized again. Baptism should be an experience that your child remembers as a public declaration of his/her faith.

Can we invite family and friends to the baptism?

Absolutely!  Invite anyone you like!  A person’s baptism is a very special spiritual milestone which should be shared by all those who have and will invest in a child’s life.  It is also a great opportunity to invite those that do not know Jesus.  Allow your child to be a witness to them through their testimony of faith and baptism!

How do I prepare my child for their baptism day?

After you and your child have attended the Child Baptism Class, then taking time at home to review the materials from the class, continuing the conversation with your child about what a witness for Jesus looks like and praying for what the Lord has in store for your child’s future is a good way to prepare!

What can I do to help my child remember their Baptism?

The most important way for a child to remember his/her baptism is to be ready for it.  If a child is too young or they haven’t desired baptism, then it won’t be meaningful.   (There isn’t any reason to rush a child into baptism)

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email our Children’s Pastor, Gabe Gaeta, at


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